Founder Message


My name is Lindsy Bean and I’m the founder of Halo, a new apparel line dedicated to supporting special nonprofit organizations. 

I’m reaching out to thank you for your interest as well as tell you a little bit more about Halo and what you have to look forward to with our new brand!

Animals have always been a part of my life. I learned at a young age how rewarding it can be to have animals in your life and also how heartbreaking it is to see them go through pain or suffering. I also started to feel this same compassion translate to the people I cared for, specifically those that went through suffering of their own due to illness or abuse. 

After the loss of our family’s beloved Great Dane, Cairo, to a cancerous tumor, Halo, Inc. was born out of my growing desire to help those, animals and humans alike, in need of special assistance and care. My hope is to spread optimism, happiness, and acceptance with a simple and sleek apparel line while at the same time, supporting those organizations who provide that care.

Thank you for your support and for stopping by!