Our Story

How We Started:

Born and raised on a farm in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, Lindsy, the founder of Halo, Inc., has always loved animals.  As a kid, she could most often be found with the animals on her family’s farm.  Now, aside from her family's miniature cow ranch, her house is filled with three dogs, three cats, two amazing children, and a wonderful husband, Nate, who supports and shares Lindsy’s passion for animals and a desire to help those in need.

Halo, Inc. is inspired by Nate and Lindsy’s first two Great Danes, Cairo and Halo. 

In 2018, a large tumor growing around Cairo’s spine was discovered when he was no longer able to stand up and he devastatingly had to be put down. His last paw print is the paw print in Halo, Inc.’s logo.  In 2019, the family almost lost Halo due to a suspected cancerous tumor in her heart called Hemangiosarcoma.  She beat the grim prognosis given and continued to thrive for another 2 years until arthritis progressed to the point Halo could no longer get up or walk. At the end of June 2021, the family helped her cross the rainbow bridge. These experiences inspired Lindsy to create a project focused on giving back to nonprofits dedicated to helping animals and people in need with particular interest in alternative cancer therapy research for animals and people, animal rescues, and those that assist trauma survivors and children.  

The purpose of Halo, Inc. is to spread comfort, optimism, and happiness through fashion while supporting causes for the greater good.  With that, Halo, Inc. and its team hope to make a positive impact on a global level offering hope and helping those in need through supporting such nonprofits.

Halo, Inc. is dedicated to producing quality products customers want to repeatedly purchase so it can continue to give back and contribute to positive change in the world.

Meet Halo:

Halo was our 11 ½ year old Great Dane we had the pleasure of loving since she was ten weeks old. She was strong, sweet, mellow, and the most loyal dog. Halo was my soul dog who is missed tremendously.

Our Core Values:

1. To act with integrity and honesty
2. Have passion for what you do
3. Care and compassion for others
4. Make a positive impact
5. Have an open mind