Giving Back

Our Give Back Program:

Halo, Inc. proudly donates a minimum of 50% of our net proceeds each quarter to carefully curated nonprofits.  

Why do we give back?

There is so much need in this world; I want to be a part of positive change and help others take part as well through supporting Halo, Inc.  Giving is one of the greatest gifts and I want to help animals and people in need.  I also want to encourage hope for those who are in need or have received a poor diagnosis for themselves or a loved one or their pet.  I want people to never feel hopeless and to continue fighting.  Supporting nonprofits researching treatments and cures for various ailments and diseases could help people stay hopeful and not feel like their diagnosis is grim.


Why are we family & animal oriented?

What’s more important in life than your family? For me, my pets are just 4 legged kids, and my kids are my world. I’ve loved animals since I could think for myself and believe we can help make a difference for those in need in various ways.
Inspired by the ones we love the most, our purpose is to be part of the positive change to help animals and their people.